Went out dancing

Zapraszamy do wysłuchania kolejnego podcastu w języku angielskim.
Tym razem nasi native speakerzy z łomżyńskiej szkoły językowej Linguo postanowili wykorzystać ostatnie dni lata na świetną zabawę w gronie przyjaciół. Grill, tańce na świeżym powietrzu i nie tylko, to chyba coś za czym każdy z nas przepada.

A Wy jak spędzacie swój wolny czas podczas tych słonecznych dni?

Only in Poland Ep 10 ?Went out dancing?

José: So how was your weekend Sandra?

Sandra: It was great, I went with some friends to a birthday party and we had a big barbecue complete with kielbasas and good refreshments.

J: Wasn?t it too cold?

S: Not at all, we were using my big grill and that helped a little I think, but after a while some people started dancing and they definitively weren?t cold.

J: Oh cool, so dancing at a BBQ, that?s just great.

S: Well, it all about the atmosphere. You can?t plan these types of things. We even stayed up until very late, but I don?t regret it, we had so much fun!

J: Too bad I was out of town. I would?ve loved to go.

S: Well, you know, we are having another one this weekend, same place, same time and you are invited, of course.

J: Great! What should I bring?

S: Anything you feel like bringing, we have the grill so whatever you want.

J: Sounds good, can I bring a friend?

S: Of course! The more the better!

J: Fantastic, so I?ll see you this weekend, maybe we?ll be dancing until morning again!

S: I hope I have the energy!

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