Pierwszy podcast Linguo!

Episode one: Where can I eat?

José: Excuse me, do you speak English?

Olivia: Yes a little.

José: I’m looking for a restaurant, I don’t know this city, can you help me?

Olivia: Well, there are many restaurants here in Łomża, what do you want to eat?

José: Umm, is there a Polish restaurant near by? I’ve never tried Polish food

Olivia: Of course there are, but what do you like, pork? Fish? Potatoes?

José: umm, whatever will be fine, just as long as it’s close.

Olivia: Then you should try the restaurant at the end of this street, look to the right and you will see some tables in the sidewalk. You can order a lot of good food and it’s not expensive. Oh and the service is excellent!

José: Oh, that’s exactly what I want, thank you very much. (pause) Umm, Why are you following me?

Olivia: Well, I work there, I’m a waitress. I’m Olivia. Nice to meet you.

José: I’m José, nice to meet you too.

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