Kolejny odcinek przygód José i Olivii

Episode two: Different drinks

Waitress: Good evening are you ready to order?

José:  Good evening, I?ll have a beer please.

Waitress: how would you like your beer? Syrup?

José: Excuse me?

Waitress: Well you see, some people drink their beer with some fruit syrup in it.

José: Oh, um, no thank you, just regular beer please

Waitress: are you sure? This is your first time in Poland isn?t it? So maybe you should try it to see the difference.

José: You have a point, ok, I?ll have a beer with fruit syrup.

Waitress: I?ll bring it a minute

Waitress: Here you go, enjoy!

José : Thanks, ?????.  Hm, eeeh?.

Waitress: So? What do you think?

José: I think that I?m beginning to feel the differences between our two countries; I wasn?t ready for that kind of beer, I?m sorry to say. We never drink it like that in Mexico.

Waitress: Oh that?s too bad, maybe you would like to try a regional beer ?

José: Hmm, sure why not? Uh, excuse me, do you always drink it with a straw?

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