Crazy weather


José: Hello Danielle, how are you doing today?  Why are you all wet? Didn?t you bring your umbrella?

Danielle: I didn?t! I thought it was going to be a sunny day today, in the morning the sun was out and all of the sudden it started to rain.

J: I know! Fortunately I was here at home but I saw it got dark very quickly.

D: Yes, and I was walking on the street when it started to get dark and the wind started to blow really hard. And then I heard the thunder, really, really strong thunder and flashes of lightning. By then I started to run but the rain caught me?

J: Oh no, well, let me give you a towel so you can dry yourself. Of course you can have my umbrella if it starts raining again.

D: Thanks, I?m going to need it.

J: And now the rain stopped, look, even the sun is coming out!

D: Of course? Just my luck?

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