At the wedding

Only in Poland Episode 11 ?At the wedding?

Carolina: Hi José, how are you? 

José: Hi Carolina, I?m doing pretty good thank you, and you?

C: Really great actually, let me ask you something, do you have plans for tomorrow?

J: No, not really, why?

C: Well, I want to invite you to my friend Magda?s wedding, it?s tomorrow afternoon.

J: That sounds like fun, I?ve never been to a Polish wedding before.

C: Oh so you must come, they are really fantastic. First we will have a big, big meal, lots of traditional Polish food. You like żurek and gulasz, right?

J: Of course, who doesn?t?

C: And of course lots of dancing and vodka, so you must be careful!

J: I won?t drink because I will drive but I?m looking forward to the food!

C: Perfect! So we will meet tomorrow at 2pm, ok? Do you have a suit? Remember that these events are very formal and you must look nice and proper.

J: Yeah, ah so we will be very elegant tomorrow I think.

C: I?m ALWAYS elegant, José, don?t you know that?

J: Oh of course, how could I forget?

C: I will be EXTRA elegant so you are a very lucky person, you know?

J: No doubt!

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